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Runhao Machinery Provides High-Quality Cold Rolled Flat Steel Rolling Mill

The cold-rolled flat steel rolling mill models provided by Tangshan Runhao are complete, competitively priced, and backed by comprehensive after-sales service, earning the trust of a vast number of users. The traditional method for cold-rolling flat steel involves using 6-12mm diameter round steel as raw material, but it has many drawbacks, including low production yield, difficult size control, high raw material hardness, and excessive oxidation. The finished dimensions of cold-rolled flat steel produced using traditional methods are inconsistent, failing to meet product requirements, resulting in high failure rates and increased operating costs.

The new type of cold-rolled flat steel tandem rolling mill developed by our factory addresses the long-standing problems in the cold-rolling industry. After research and practical implementation by our engineers, we successfully developed a tandem rolling production line for cold-rolling flat steel with a diameter of 6-12mm. This is achieved through the series connection of three horizontal rolling mills and one vertical rolling mill, ensuring optimal results for the raw material reaching the discharge size, either directly coiling or cutting to a fixed length.

Durable and wear-resistant alloy rolls are the key to the success of the rolling production. Even if the rolls wear out, there is no need for repair; they can continue rolling by simply moving the guide device. Moreover, during roll adjustment, it is possible to control the plastic deformation of the rolling. From development to production, this cold-rolling mill undergoes strict calculations, verification, and comprehensive documentation. With a rational structure, reliability, and convenient assembly and disassembly, it meets interchangeability requirements with matching technical performance and components.

The low noise generated during the production process of the cold-rolled flat steel rolling mill, coupled with the smooth operation of the equipment, eliminates the need for digging foundations. Equipped with a centralized oil distribution pump, the entire machine can easily and conveniently add lubricating oil to all bearings simultaneously while in operation.

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