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  • Four-roll steel rolling machine
  • Four-roll steel rolling machine
Four-roll steel rolling machineFour-roll steel rolling machine

Four-roll steel rolling machine

  • speed:3m-20m/s
  • Rolled billet dimensions:40-400
  • Equipment model:350~1250
  • Roll diameter:φ280-1300
  • Product description:
Four-roll reversible mill in
On the basis of the original rolling mill, and then VC roll, CVC system, PC mill, HCW
Rolling mill, AGC rolling mill, CVC rolling mill, these new generation of equipment using hydraulic bending roll technology has emerged

The promotion of some new technologies plays an important role in the control of the thick plate.

Ribbon steel, also known as steel strip, is a common metal material widely used in various fields, including but not limited to machinery manufacturing, construction engineering, automotive manufacturing, electrical manufacturing, aerospace, etc. The size range varies according to different types and uses. Here are some common types of strip steel and their size range:

Many strip specifications, basically what width can be produced, manufacturers only need to adjust the width positioning roll.
Common width: 145,183,197,208,220,233,237,245,255,265,272,275,283,292,295,300,310,315,320,330,335,355,435,465,485,515,540,560,585,685,710,750,780,850,1050,1250,1500.
Generally 355 is called narrow band, 355~800 is called medium broadband, 1000 above for roll plate.
Usually we will be the width of 800mm called strip steel, the above called steel coil, steel mill any width can be rolled, generally commonly used width is: 145,183,23,233,245,255,273,285,295,315,35,335,355,435,515,540,585,680,715,1000,1250,1500, etc.
Belt steel size and production unit
Ribbon steel width 5-20mm, grade difference 5mm. Size of strip steel is (thick) * (wide)
C, (0.15-0.80, grade difference of 0.05) * (5-200)
D, (0.85-1.50, grade difference of 0.05) * (35-200)
E, (1.60-3.00, grade difference of 0.05) * (45-200)

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