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  • Universal Rolling Mill
Universal Rolling MillUniversal Rolling Mill

Universal Rolling Mill

  • speed:3m-12m/s
  • Rolled billet dimensions:100-500
  • Equipment model:350~1250
  • Roll diameter:φ300-1500
  • Product description: universal rolling mill, steel rolling mill, hot steel rolling mill, hot strip mill,

Introduction of Universal Rolling Mill:

The universal rolling mill is a crucial piece of equipment used for the production of metal products of various shapes and sizes. Its basic structure includes a pair of horizontal rolls and a counter roll positioned in the same vertical plane. Here is a detailed overview of the universal rolling mill:

Structure and Operating Principles:

The basic structure of the universal rolling mill consists of a pair of horizontal rolls and a counter roll. While the horizontal rolls are primarily responsible for the rolling of metal materials, the counter roll plays a supporting and assisting role. Both move in the same vertical plane to ensure smoothness and accuracy in rolling.

The vertical roll in the mill can be either an active roller, directly involved in the rolling process, or a passive roller, providing support and guidance during the process.

Applications of the Rolling Mill:

The universal rolling mill finds extensive use in the production of metal products with different shapes, such as steel beams, profiles, angle iron, and more. Its design versatility allows it to cater to various rolling requirements, earning it the name "universal."

Working Process of the Rolling Mill:

Loading Metal Material: Metal materials to be rolled are fed into the rolling mill, typically in the form of steel billets or other shaped metal blanks.

Rolling Process: The horizontal rolls apply force to progressively flatten, elongate, or change the cross-sectional shape of the metal material. The vertical roll can actively participate or provide auxiliary support during this process.

Formation of the Final Product: Through successive rolling, the metal material gradually takes on the desired shape and dimensions, ultimately becoming a metal product.


Versatility: The universal rolling mill is adaptable to a variety of shapes and sizes in metal rolling, showcasing a high degree of versatility.

High-Precision Rolling: The coordination of the vertical roll ensures a more uniform rolling process, guaranteeing precision in the dimensions and shape of the final product.

Strong Adaptability: Capable of handling different types and specifications of metal materials, making it widely applicable in the metalworking industry.

Unique Adjustment Features: The universal rolling mill allows for separate adjustment of pressure on the legs and waist, streamlining the mill adjustment process.

Application Areas:

The universal rolling mill is extensively used in construction, bridges, manufacturing, and other fields for producing various metal components and structural materials.

As an indispensable piece of equipment in the field of metal processing, the universal rolling mill, with its features of versatility, high precision, and strong adaptability, provides an effective tool and technological support for the production of various metal products.

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